Meals Direct FAQ

1) Meal Plan Subscriptions

Signing up for a meal plan involves pre-ordering a set number of meals that are delivered over a regular interval. By signing up for a subscription, you're eligible for a discount!

Subscriptions are managed by the PayWhirl app, which is a service that works with Shopify.

You just need to create an account on our Subscriptions page if you don't have one, select the delivery frequency, the meals you'd like and enter your payment info. Once your first payment is processed, future payments will be made automatically.

You can also manage your subscription on the Subscription page.

2) Delivery Charges

We offer free delivery for weekly orders of $100 or more. Otherwise, we charge a fee of $15 for each delivery.

3) Refunds

We can provide refunds for orders that have not been prepared. Request for refunds must be made prior to our pre-order cutoffs (Saturday@midnight or Wednesday@midnight).

4) Pick up and Delivery Arrangements

Our team will contact you on our cook day to coordinate the pickup or deliver of your order. If we are unable to reach you or you do not respond, your order will default to a pick up from one of our satellite locations.

5) What happens if I'm not present during a delivery

If we agree on a delivery time and you aren't there to receive your delivery, we'll leave your package at your door and send you a txt or email notifying you of the delivery.

6) I asked for a pickup but now I can't make it. Can I get my meals delivered instead?

We may still be able to deliver your meals on the delivery day (Tuesday or Saturday) depending on when you notify us. Otherwise, the meals will stay at the pickup location. Delivery after designated delivery days may require delivery charges.

7) Suspending orders

Need to suspend your order for a few days? Let us know before the pre-order cutoff (Saturday@midnight or Wednesday@midnight) and we'll hold your order until you want to continue.

8) Freezing meals

Our meals are made fresh, are never frozen and are best enjoyed within 4 days after they're made. That being said, they can be frozen for up to 3 months.

9) I live outside of Calgary. Can I get my orders delivered?

Although we're based in Calgary, we've recently expanded delivery to areas outside of Calgary, including Lethbridge and Edmonton. We do, however, only delivery south of the Calgary-area on Tuesdays and north of the Calgary-area on Saturday, to maintain reasonable shipping rates. If you want to confirm delivery options, contact us at



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